European Trademark filing up to 3 classes with a service fee of only EUR 145!

File your European Trademark (formerly known as Community Trademark or CTM) application or renew your existing EUTM at the EUIPO with legal representation of Pintz & Partners Patent and Trademark Attorneys. Fill out our forms and we will take care of all the formalities required to register your European Trademark. We provide two options for our users: professional attorneys and companies can place different EUTM orders. Those, who have an extensive knowledge of trademarks can set the details of their EUTM order themselves, while those who are less familiar with this legal area can place a simplified order for a European Trademark. In the latter case, we will take extra care of any further steps.

Our EUTM service extends not only to European Trademark filing or renewals but also to the procedural parts. You can apply the European Trademark services of Pintz & Partners LLC also in an opposition or any kind of representation.

If you would like to file a new European trademark, please fill out one of the application forms:

Standard Professional

If you would like to renew a trademark, please fill out one of the following forms:

Renewal New Renewal

At assignment or at change of address or name please use this form:


At opposition please use this form:


To have us take over representation, please use the following form:


Why only EUR 145?

Our online filing system makes it easier both for you and for us to handle the trademark filing process, allowing us to work for extremely competitive flat-rate fees.

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