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File your European Trademark (formerly known as Community Trademark or CTM) application or renew your existing EUTM at the EUIPO with legal representation of Pintz & Partners Patent and Trademark Attorneys. Fill out our forms and we will take care of all the formalities required to register your European Trademark. We provide two options for our users: professional attorneys and companies can place different EUTM orders. The difference is in the invoicing method: while in the professional form you can ask invoice to the name of a different entity (e.g. your law firm) instead of the applicant, at standard orders the invoice will be issued directly to the trademark applicant.

Please note: the application forms above and our discount prices are only valid and recommended for those valued clients who have a basic knowledge about trademarks and who are able to compile their own list of goods and provide the data needed for the application form without detailed guidance. This discounted service contains only a minimal supervision of your application: we will draw your attention to the essential requirements and obvious mistakes but will not be able to consult at length about your business intentions and the requirements set by the trademark office.

Our EUTM service extends not only to European Trademark filing or renewals but also to the procedural parts. You can apply the European Trademark services of Pintz & Partners LLC also in an opposition or any kind of representation.

Why only EUR 145?

Our online filing system makes it easier both for you and for us to handle the trademark filing process, allowing us to work for extremely competitive flat-rate fees.

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