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Online CTM filing with a few clicks

Filing an online direct CTM application at trademark.eu is easy as a few clicks and has several advantages.


We are here to provide you Community Trademark (CTM) filing services at the best price and all necessary information about the so-called European Trademark. If you own a brand, you are highly suggested to register it as a trademark, so as to have exceptional rights for its use. Here in Europe the best way to acquire legal protection for your trademark is to register it as a Community Trademark as the process is cheap, safe and very quick, while it extends to all Member States of the European Union.

For such a step it is absolutely worth relying on the professional help of trademark attorneys. Their expertise will make your Community Trademark application undisputable by the trademark authority of the EU, the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM). The strategy of Georg Pintz & Partners LLC is very simple when it comes to Community Trademark filing: working fast with providing the highest quality service for a very reasonable and competitive price! 

We invite you to study the advantages of direct CTM filing here

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Community Trademark (CTM)

File your European Trademark application or renew your existing CTM at the OHIM with legal representation of Georg Pintz & Partners Patent and Trademark Attorneys. Fill out our forms and we will take care of all the formalities required to register your Community Trademark. We provide two options for our users: professional attorneys and companies can place different CTM orders. Those, who have an extensive knowledge of trademarks can set the details of their CTM order themselves, while those who are less familiar with this legal area can place a simplified order for a European Trademark. In the latter case, we will take extra care of any further steps.

Our CTM service extends not only to Community Trademark filing or renewals but also to the procedural parts. You can apply the European Trademark services of Georg Pintz & Partners LLC also in an opposition or any kind of representation.  

To know more about European Trademark service provider Georg Pintz & Partners LLC, please check our Firm profile menu.  

Worldwide trademark filing

If you do not to wish to file a European Trademark, we provide you another option. With our worldwide trademark filing service, you can choose from several countries all around the world and place your trademark order according to your needs. Georg Pintz & Partners LLC will take excellent care of your trademark registration and the due legal processes in each country.

Trademark infringement

At the biggest European trademark portal, Trademark.eu we provide a worldwide unique Infringement Monitoring service which is currently free of charge. This service is of high importance as it helps our clients to find counterfeits on the internet. This way, trademark owners can seek redress for any unauthorized use of their intellectual property. With our regular reports clients can easily detect any infringement and react in time. We would call it a must-have service for European Trademark owners and an essential means of brand protection!

Attorney database

As a European Trademark owner, you can have a number of issues which should be dealt in a legal setting. If you are looking for a legal professional who can represent you before the Office of Harmonization of Internal Market, take a look at our attorney database. Here you can search for attorneys with an extensive practice in trademark and infringement matters. 

 Click here for the database.


If you have any questions regarding the basics of trademarks or more specifically European Trademarks, designs or the practice of opposing one, check out our frequently asked questions. Should you need any further information, you are kindly encouraged to get in touch with us.

In our FAQ you will acquire knowledge about the differences of trademarks, patents and domains. You will also get to know all about a trademark registration and the prerequisites for a CTM application, while you will also become aware of which are the possible classes of trademarks or what a list of goods is.   

We have also a separate Design and Opposition FAQ. 

Law Comparison

When you own a European Trademark you will certainly have some legal cases: from the application to a possible opposition or a withdrawal. By clicking here it becomes apparent right away what differences and similarities do the trademark laws of the European countries have. By checking out the boxes you can decide which countries to compare. Should you need any legal service or further information, do not hesitate to get in touch with the recommended offices which can be found at the bottom of each chart. If you chose form our database, your European Trademark will certainly be in good hands!

Online dictionary for list of goods

The list of goods is an essential part of a European Trademark application. Therefore, we provide you an online dictionary to have the exact translation of particular list of goods, which helps you to file your CTM application properly. Our dictionary functions with 18 languages and provides further data in 5 major languages.  Our translator offers comfy use and essential info at the exact same time to make the life of CTM applicants easier. 

Dear CTM applicant, firstly, select the number of the relevant class from the drop-down-list, then choose your source and destination languages as your second step. The items available for translation will appear in the source language box where you can click on the pieces you would like to translate. By pressing the CTRL button you can select more than one line simultaneously. The detailed list is available in 5 major languages, while you can have the headlines in several other languages as well.

CTM Fee Calculator

Here you can calculate the fee associated with your European Trademark filing, whether you renew your CTM or file it for the first time. You can also choose either the assignment or the opposition of a European Trademark. The next step is to select the class number of the particular product, after which you only need to fill out the columns of priority, seniority and bonus. And now, let’s calculate the cost of your CTM application!


Here you can find some essential information about trademarks. You as a European Trademark applicant may find these data very useful. By clicking here you will find many links and additional data regarding trademark searches, national trademarks and the WIPO’s Madrid Protocol. If you are a business starter, you can also benefit from attorneys’ advices.

Trademark Blog

Our blog shares interesting news with you from worldwide trademarks and CTMs. If you make history with your own trademark, we will certainly write also about that. Take our advice and start with a European Trademark. And read our blog entries!

Firm profile

The trademark and patent attorneys of Georg Pintz & Partners LLC provide counseling in IP matters and represent clients before European and Hungarian courts and authorities for all issues concerning patents and trademarks. We happily assist you in any European Trademark or worldwide trademark matters. 

Contact information

Here you can find the necessary information to get in touch with European Trademark service provider Georg Pintz & Partners LLC. You can call our head office in Budapest or our paperless offices worldwide. Address and bank info also available here.


Go through some comments of our contented European Trademark customers which will persuade you to choose us for your CTM application. 

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