If you would like to obtain a trademark outside the European Union, that is also possible through Pintz & Partners LLC. The service is provided by a network of trademark attorneys led and coordinated by our office. We have collected the best legal experts from every country to offer you an exceptionally professional service. You can request a trademark application through our office. Note that application is possible in more than one country simultaneously.

Trademark filing can be difficult for a non-professional, but it becomes surprisingly easy and cost-effective with our help and extensive experience! We manage trademark registrations in several countries all over the world. If you would like us to file your trademark, please contact us and follow our guidelines provided by our experts.

There are many different routes to trademark registration. The best route for you will depend on the markets your company operates in. If you seek brand protection more than one non-EU countries, the international “Madrid system” might be your best option. Madrid system is a worldwide system for facilitating the registration of trademarks in multiple jurisdictions.

If you’re interested in filing a Trademark application worldwide, you can contact us at: