Tens of millions mourning over an inventor

“Everybody knows that something cannot be done until somebody shows up not knowing this and does it.” – People like these are called “inventors”. They are the ones who carry the world forward. They are the ones without whom there would be no new products or new technologies.

There are many inventors in the world and unfortunately too many of them leave us without being properly commemorated. This time, however, an inventor passed away who made millions dressed in black for a year and made millions of images black and white who on websites and Facebook profiles.

This person is none other than the inventor of the invention “Weather modification by royal rainmaking technology”.

Weather modification by royal rainmaking technology

This technology was granted a European patent more than 10 years ago under the number EP1491088 B1. The invention is also protected in the US and many other countries. Now many readers may think that this patent is certainly of great importance but still, the invention remains. So why lament the inventor?

Well, never these many people have mourned any inventor. After all, this time the funeral is not primarily about the inventor.

The world of inventors is affected by grief because it is the only patent having an inventor who was a king at the same time. This person is no one else than His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Rama IX of Thailand. The king of Thailand passed away on 13 October 2016. Thailand is a country of 70 million inhabitants, a constitutional monarchy, where the king embodies the national identity and unity.

Who was this inventor – let us call him a king from now on – who was loved his people so much? Why can his life be an example for any European politicians who wish to be the respected heads of their state?

Bhumibol AdulyadejBhumibol was born in Boston in 1927. Shortly after his birth, his parents returned to Thailand, where his father passed away soon, and his brother came to the throne. At the age of five, his mother moved to Switzerland with him, and he began his studies there. He studied French literature, Latin and Greek languages and was eager to play the saxophone. In 1945, he studied engineering and mechanical sciences at the University of Lausanne. Meanwhile, his brother deceased, but he completed his studies in Switzerland. He also often visited Paris, where he met his future wife, the daughter of the Thai ambassador at that time. He was crowned a king in 1950.

He wrote a book, composed music and played the trumpet in addition to the saxophone, the piano, as well as the guitar. Since his childhood, he was also an enthusiastic photographer. It was also an amateur radio and sailing. He even designed many ships. He won the gold medal in the sailing competition of the 1967 Southeast Asian Games. Although the king’s role was primarily ceremonial, he tried to take a balancing role in politics and took an active part in several social and economic projects during his reign.

His invention also belongs to his activities for the welfare of his people. The rainmaking technology is designed to help those farmers who have to face drought and flood repeatedly. Especially in the north-eastern part of Thailand, it is common in the dry season that clouds appear, but the wind blows them away. Using a so-called “sandwich technology”, hygroscopic chemicals such as sodium chloride are inserted to the clouds by plane to the clouds in order to initiate rain. The four-step process consists of triggering (modification of weather to stimulate or promote formation of cloud), fattening (gathering and growing of cloud mass to make it sufficiently large and dense), attacking (manipulating the dense cloud mass to condense it as rain to fall onto a target area) and enhancing (to enhance rainfall onto the ground and prolong raining duration by cooling the sub-cloud base air mass).

Our blog this would like to express its respect and sympathy to the people of Thailand, who are mourning over their king, the only king in the world who was an inventor as well.