is exhibiting at INTA Annual Meeting 2017

Pintz & Partners LLC (an IP law firm from the EU) will be attending and exhibiting at the INTA Annual Meeting in Barcelona in May and we would be delighted if you visited our booth (no D32-34) there to have a conversation and to have a look at our solutions that can help make your life easier as a trademark lawyer or patent attorney. During the INTA meeting, we will be presenting our online services which provide revolutionary and easy-to-use solutions for filing and protecting trademarks, validating European patent, drafting patent applications or calculating patent filing fees.

As you may know, here at TRADEMARK.EU, we offer a useful online service for registering trademarks in the entire European Union before the EUIPO. Our team members have several years of experience in this field. If you are considering filing a trademark for the countries of the EU, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that filing an EU trademark has many advantages over WIPO filing such as it is faster, safer and no more expensive. You can read more about these advantages here or have a conversation with one of our experts at the conference.

Another of our main scopes of activity is European Patent validation for EPC countries. We have a web interface under with a platform for ordering validations of European Patents within a single-window service. The conference will be a great opportunity to discuss any questions about it with our experts.

We will be located here (click on the image for a bigger version):

INTA 17 Pintz booth

Come and meet our team at booth no. D32-D34

Gyorgy Pintz

Gyorgy PINTZ
Founder & CEO
European Patent Attorney

Zsofia Pintz

Zsofia PINTZ
Patent Attorney Trainee

Adam Szalai

Head of Business Development

Mate Bede

Attorney at Law

Peter Szaniszlai

Associate Legal Counsel

Mark Kovacs

Associate Legal Counsel