Trademark filing service tailored for you.

trademark-eu-full-assistanceIn case you need help or full assistance with your European Trademark application, our experts are here to help.

As part of the Full Assistance package you can place your order in a simple email and your designated trademark professional will:

  • check the provided application data in details
  • draw your attention to the essential requirements of a successful application
  • perform a similarity search free of charge to increase the chances of a successful application
  • compile the list of goods for your trademark
  • prepare and file the trademark application
  • answer any questions that may arise in the process

Here you can find the associated costs & fees for the most common cases of filing a new European Trademark with Full Assistance (1, 2 and 3 classes):

1 class
Official fee €850
Service fee €390
Disbursements €45
Total €1285

2 classes
Official fee €900
Service fee €390
Disbursements €45
Total €1335

3 classes
Official fee €1050
Service fee €390
Disbursements €45
Total €1485

Please note that after the trademark has been registered, there is a registration service fee of EUR 165 (incl. disbursements) for checking the documents and forwarding the certificate (applicable only if the application is successful). From the 1 January 2021, EUTMs will no longer protect trade marks in the UK.

Should you go with the Full Assistance package, to speed up the application process, kindly include the following data in your order email:

  • trademark applicant (name, address, nationality)
  • contact data (phone number, email address)
  • invoicing address (incl. EU VAT number in case your company is seated in the EU)
  • trademark name
  • logo in .jpg format in case the mark is figurative
  • number of classes required, main activities under the trademark name

No POA or any additional documentation is needed for the registration process.

To place your order, write us an email at: