Business Conditions for services provided on the website.

Please note that the Business Conditions of filing national trademark applications are listed in a different document available on an other page.

Company profile

Company name: Pintz & Partners Patent, Trademark and Law Office LLC
Associate of professional representatives at the EUIPO under no. 28331
Location of head office: Budapest, Hungary, European Union
Address: Pf. 245, 1444 Budapest, Hungary
Fax: +36 1 457-0065
EU-VAT identification no.: HU22954275
Company reg. num.: 01-09-946286

The place of business is the head office so as to avoid the VAT in concern of German and Spanish clients.

Specification of the authorisation

We provide services according to the rules of legal representation. This is based on the cooperation of the parties. It comes from the nature of this legal relation that the office is obliged to handle your case professionally and carefully. In case of an application for registration the final decision is made by the authorities, and therefore the office has no responsibility in this regard. It is our policy that we do not accept cases where there is a conflict of interest in respect of our existing clients. In such cases (e.g. at an opposition against our clients) the office refuses the authorization request and refunds all effected payments. In case you feel that your matter is not treated appropriately, please turn directly to the manager of the head office. We thoroughly investigate any complaint. The operation of the office is ruled by the HU Law No. XXXII of 1995 on patent attorneys.

Annulment of an agreement

The provision of services is regulated by the rules of legal representation and mandate agreements. Generally Pintz & Partners LLC accepts mandates where one of the languages of the procedure is English and there is no conflict of interest in the representation. The mandate can be revoked any time, however any costs incurred up to that time shall be charged to and paid by you. Mandates given by using online forms are processed within a short period of time. There is no possibility for reimbursement of fees once the application is forwarded to the authorities since the mandate is completed and the authorities do not reimburse the official fees. It is not possible to amend the applications unless it is allowed by the applicable law. Our office reserves the right to refuse or to suspend any mandate requests or terminate an accepted mandate with 15 days notice. Overpayments shall be refunded, if any.

Payment via bank card

You can pay with VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard (EC/MC), and JCB bank cards. The payment is effected on the secure site of the bank. When submitting an application on the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) interface you are connected directly to our Bank (K&H). K&H Bank Hungary is the affiliate of KBC Bank Belgium. Pintz & Partners does not receive or handle any information relating to your card, our office receives only a short message about the payment from the bank. The bank has a secure 128-bit encrypting key to protect the communication channel. VeriSign certified K&H bank to use this 128-bit key, based upon which it ensures the application of SSL-based encryption. This encryption method is applied in 90 % of today’s global e-commerce. The browser program used by you (Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) encrypts the cardholder’s data before transmission. This means that the information given by you gets to the destination in an encoded form and no unauthorised party is able to interpret or to use it.

Payment via bank transfer

The fees do not include the remittance fee of your payment. All of the remittance must be paid by the order. In case we receive less payment than indicated in the business conditions, the amount shall be refunded automatically after deducting the bank charges. The application or the subject matter of the mandate is taken care of only after having received the total payment. With regards to the experience with previous applications we would like to ask our clients to please make sure that bank transfer costs are not charged to us.

Bank connection data:
Pintz & Partners LLC
Pf. 245, 1444 Budapest, Hungary
K&H Bank, Budapest, Hungary
IBAN: HU08-10401093-49575048-54481002

Accomplishment of the mandate for applications

After having received the full documentation and payment our office processes the matter. The application is filed as soon as possible, generally within 8 days, taking into consideration the complexity of the case. An EUTM “Follow up” page is available for your convenience to be able to monitor the actual status of your case.


You may estimate the costs of online services with the Fee calculator. Pintz & Partners LLC handles the application after filing according to the common rules of the applications with legal representation. It charges the fees according to its discount Schedule of Charges (EUR). These fees are to be paid via bank transfer. If due to any miscalculation discrepancy occurs between the costs displayed on the “Pay & submit” page and the prices listed in the Business Conditions, the prices listed in the Business Conditions shall prevail. Any information on the official fees shall be considered an estimation and the actual fees apply. Pintz & Partners LLC charges you correspondingly for each official fee which is due before EUIPO at filing or later. All fees are net prices and do not include VAT (if applicable to the order you place).

A/ Filing Official fee (EUR) Service fee (EUR)
Service fee (EUR)
(full assistance)
1.a/ Filing EUTM application for 1 class 850 175 510
b/ Filing EUTM application for 2 classes 900 560
c/ Filing EUTM application for 3 classes 1050 610
d/ Surcharge for each additional class 150 95 190
2/ Forwarding the search report or reporting on an official action free
3/ Registration service fee, checking documents and forwarding certificate (applicable only if the application is successful) free
4/ Claiming priority or seniority, each 80
5/ Disbursements, administrative costs (at each action) 45
6/Taking over the representation (applicable only if the mark has already been filed to the EUIPO by the client) 180
B/ Renewal Official fee (EUR) Service fee (EUR)
1.a/ Renewal of EUTM for 1 class 850 245
b/ Renewal of EUTM up to 2 classes 900 295
c/ Renewal of EUTM up to 3 classes 1050 345
d/ Surcharge for each additional class 150 95
e/ Disbursements (at each action) 45
2./ Reporting renewal, checking, forwarding document free
C/ Opposition    
1/ Filing the opposition 320 295
2/ Taking over the representation 80
3/ Hourly rate of professional attorney’s work 240
4/ Reporting on procedure free
5/ Disbursements (at each action) 45
D/ Assignment    
1/ Filing assignment for EUTM 195
1/ Filing change of address or name for EUTM 150
2/ Taking over the representation 80
3/ Disbursements (at each action) 45
4/ Multiple assignment/change at 3-10 EUTMs, each (band discount) 45
5/ Taking over the representation (at item 4, each) 40
6/ Disbursements (at item 4, each) 15
7/ Multiple assignment/change over 10 EUTMs, each 15
8/ Taking over the representation at item 7, each 20
E/ Cancellation    
1/ Filing the cancellation 630 590
2/ Taking over the representation 90
3/ Hourly rate of professional attorney’s work 260
4/ Reporting on procedure free
5/ Disbursements (at each action) 45
A/ Filing    
1.a/ Filing RCD application 230 395
1.b/ Surcharge for each additional design 2-10, each 115 95
1.c/ Surcharge for each additional design over 10, each 50 95
2.a/ Paying the publication fee (pre-paid) 120 50
2.b/ Surcharge for each additional design 2-10, each 60 10
2.c/ Surcharge for each additional design over 10, each 30 10
3/ Reporting on registration or refusal, checking document and forwarding certificate free
4/ Disbursements 45
5/Taking over the representation (if the design has already been filed by client) 180
B/ Renewal    
1/ Renewal of RCD for the first time 90 195
2/ Renewal of RCD for the second time 120 245
3/ Renewal of RCD for the third time 150 295
4/ Renewal of RCD for the fourth time 180 345
5/ Taking over the representation 80
6/ Reporting on renewal and checking document free
7/ Disbursements 45
8/ Multiple renewal at 3-10 RCDs for the first time, each (band discount) 90 55
C/ Assignment    
1/ Filing assignment for RCD 200 195
2/ Filing change of address or name for RCD 150
3/ Taking over the representation 80
4/ Disbursements (at each action) 45
5/ Multiple assignment/change at 3-10 RCDs, each (band discount) 200 45
6/ Taking over the representation (at item 4, each) 40
7/ Disbursements (at item 4, each) 15
8/ Multiple assignment/change over 10 RCDs, each 200 15
9/ Taking over the representation at item 7, each 20
D/ Invalidation    
1/ Filing the invalidation 350 595
2/ Taking over the representation 80
3/ Hourly rate of professional attorney’s work 240
4/ Reporting on procedure free

Handling of private information

Handling of private information is of utmost importance to Pintz & Partners LLC. Personal information e.g. name, address and e-mail address provided by you will only be used and given to any third party in connection with fulfilling your request of the application or the respective service and for the purpose of executing your instructions. Handling of this information is compliant with HU Law No. CXII of 2011.

Privacy policy

The office acknowledges that the information you provide may be confidential. Our firm will maintain the confidentiality thereof and protect your information in accordance with the firm’s standard procedures and all applicable laws. The office does everything to keep your information accurate and up to date. Please assist us to comply with this practice by ensuring that you inform us of any changes to your data. We may change the business conditions from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page regularly to ensure that you are informed of any changes. If you have any questions in relation to this policy please contact the head office.


We use cookies only for the purpose of offering you higher quality of service. Your editable private links are saved through cookies on the front page and they are used for saving data for further applications, if you choose so at the forms.

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